raccoons don’t like broccoli

Picture this (because I’m too lazy to go out and photo it). A garbage can with two large paving bricks placed atop. A recycle can on top of which is a very large paving brick placed atop a plank of wood. Sandwiched in between those two cans is another garbage can with a very large tree trunk sitting on top. All these three cans are sitting directly against a wooden fence.

Got it? Well, the raccoons still figured out a way to dump over my full garbage can (the middle one) and wreck havoc on its contents. Very few items were left untouched. Two of those items were dirty diapers and broccoli. Raccoons don’t like broccoli. It was a full head or stalk (or whatever it’s called) of broccoli. They didn’t even take a nibble.

I have a hard time putting two “c”s and two “o”s in “raccoon” while putting two “c”s and only one “l” in broccoli.