quark xpress 7.0 preview

Quark is claiming it will release XPress 7.0 late 2005. They also claim that it will be “the most significant upgrade in the product’s history.” Suuuuuuure. It just sounds like quark is getting desperate.

This article gives a tiny peek into the release. Nothing terribly juicy. Basically the type engine will be rebuilt and the QuarkXPress file format will be opened for XML reading. Keep in mind that this sneak peek was at the TypoTechnica conference so the amount of info released on 7.0 is limited.

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Laura K.
19 years ago

i’ve so lost interest in Quark.

Matt Maldre
19 years ago

quark is a dork.

Laura K.
19 years ago

hey moose! i think you should fix the blog link from the top navigation. i’m tired of getting the “links crossed” page and having to click twice. dude! make it work! ๐Ÿ˜›