Pujols: dark side …… Lee: good side

It’s a tight race for The 2005 All-Star Game’s starting NL firstbaseman. Albert Pujols has 1,283,047 votes. Derrek Lee has 1,117,634 votes. It’s closest race in all the all-star balloting.

“Pujols” just sounds like a Dark Side name. And he’s not smiling in his pub photo.

“Lee” sounds like he’s on the good side. And Derrek IS smiling in his pub photo.

VOTE FOR DERREK LEE! It’s easy. And you can vote up to 25 times. Once you vote, your selections are already in place, so you basically just hit the vote button over and over again.

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Matt Maldre
18 years ago

I voted for d. lee 25 times! Everyone should. Think about it. It’s not just one measily vote, it’s a bucketful of TWENTY-FIVE. And it’s easy, cuz the second time you vote, it automatically fills in all the buttons for you based on your first vote. You just to keep clicking “submit.” Do it, and you can say that you helped get D.Lee into the 2005 all-star game. Ten years from now it will make for a fun story. “Remember when we voted for Derek Lee 25 times, and he got into the All-Star game?” “Yeah, those were the times.”

Matt Maldre
18 years ago

Here’s who i voted for:

1B: M. Teixeira, TEX
2B: B. Roberts, BAL
SS: M. Tejada, BAL
3B: A. Rodriguez, NYY
DH: D. Ortiz, BOS
OF: J. Damon, BOS
OF: H. Matsui, NYY
OF: G. Sheffield, NYY

1B: D. Lee, CHC
2B: J. Kent, LAD
SS: C. Izturis, LAD
3B: A. Ramirez, CHC
OF: B. Abreu, PHI
OF: M. Cabrera, FLA
OF: G. Jenkins, MIL

Matt Maldre
18 years ago

oh wait, i did a write-in vote for AL 3B: Luis Salazar, DET

Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

Looks like both Ramirez and Lee will be on the NL All Star Team … at least that’s the prediction of Sports Illustrated.com this morning