Proxxon mini belt sander

I’ve been sanding my deck the last couple weekends and I really could use a mini belt sander to get into the tight corners. My Makita orbital helped a great deal, but couldn’t get all the tight spots. It’s a great sander of which I’ll save for another blog post. A drum sander bit for my Dremel could help a tiny bit with some spots (though its small footprint would take forever), but there’s way too many spaces that its side-facing bit won’t reach.

Enter the Proxxon Handheld Belt Sander BSL 115/E. This German-made dog will get into the tight spaces with ease and will sand with great efficiency because it’s a belt sander after all. The only thing stopping me from getting this tool is $150. I’d be more comfortable with half the price. Perhaps Dremel or Craftsman will come out with their own version.

I could seriously use this tool for my art woodworking, too. The sanding belts are available in 180, 120, and 80 grit. I want to see 50 or 60 grit, please.

Here’s the sell copy and specs:

For shape finishing, mortising, fine polishing (flat surfaces). Also for de-burring metal, paint removal and fine finishing. The tool has a die-cast aluminum head holding the sanding arm, which can be swivelled through 60
by simply pressing a knob. The unit features a full-wave electronic speed control. Sanding belt can be changed in a matter of seconds. Complete with (2) 180 grit and (2) 80 grit belts.

Technical data:
Belt size 13″ x 13/32”
Belt speed Variable (300 – 700 m/min)
Volts 110-120V AC, 60 Hz
Max Power 100 W
Total length 13″
Weight 1.4 lb

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14 years ago

This looks like it would be a great addition to a Transformer’s costume!

Leanna <br> The CudaChick
13 years ago

I’ve been looking at these sanders for awhile too, and comparing them with the high-end handheld Fein detail sander for my custom powder coating work. Though other reviews of the Praxxon seem to be favorable, the price is holding me back too. I know my old Dremel isn’t going to hold out for much longer … anyone who’s bought one, please add your comments and help with my decision.