previous & next links must go!

Who made it the standard to use “previous” and “next” as the nomenclature for navigating blogs? I think it’s incredibly confusing.

I’ll be reading just about any blog, then I’ll get to the bottom and I want to read more and the link will say “previous”. Ok, fine. It’s the only link, so it must mean that I’m visiting “previous” blog posts. I click on “previous” and continue reading some engaging posts.

I’ll want to read more and the options at the bottom of the page will be “previous” and “next”. By that point I have forgotten that “previous” gave me more posts and I click “next” thinking it will give me the NEXT set of posts and that “previous” is the PREVIOUS posts I already read.

So by clicking “next” I won’t be looking at the next set of posts, but rather the ones I just read. I understand it works under the reverse chronological structure of “previous” being the next posts for me to read and “next” being the ones I just read. Basically these “previous” and “next” links are built from the blogger’s perspective and does not take into account the user experience of those reading the blog. It’s so counter-intuitive and so typical of the self-absorbing nature of many blogs. It drives me NUTS.

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14 years ago

I see where you’re coming from.. but I would argue that doing the opposite (as you’ve done) is just as confusing – while it may make sense after being explained, it goes against what has become “normal” amongst the majority of blogs.

What if I’m on page 2, having just come from page 3? If I expect “previous” to take me back to the page I was just on (page 3)… I’d be like “WUH! WHY AM I ON PAGE 1?!”

Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

The problem is that there is no standard … often even within the same site.

14 years ago

I should make the links on mine change function randomly. Or maybe just replace them with a “Take me to a random page” link!