Pottery Barn Christmas Chill music cd

Today is the first official day of the secular celebration of Christmas and I can’t find my all-time favorite Christmas CD: Pottery Barn Christmas Chill 2004 (not to be confused with the 2003 edition). I opened all my CDs and checked to see if there any of them have two cds. No luck.

If anybody can knows where I can get this cd, please share. There’s one on ebay for $9 plus $5 shipping. I’m not thrilled about paying $14 for the cd when I paid only $7 for it in 2004.

Here’s the song list:

1. Happy Holiday (Beef Wellington Remix) Bing Crosby
2. Frosty the Snowman (Robbie Hardkiss Remix) Patti Page
3. Jingle Bells (Robbie Hardkiss Remix) Duke Ellington
4. I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (STUHR Remix) Kay Starr
5. The Nutcracker Suite (Baz Kuts Breaks Mix) Berline Symphony Orchestra
6. I’ll Be Home for Christmas (Garry Hughes Remix) Joe Williams
7. The Christmas Song (Michael Kessler Remix) Mel Torm

8. Joy To The World (Morcean Worker Remix) Cathedral Brass
9. White Christmas (Kaskade Remix) Bing Crosby
10. The Christmas Song (Tonal Remix) Jimmy McGriff
11. Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer (John Beltran Remix) Ella Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby
12. Carol Of The Bells (Starchild Excalibur Drumadelic Remix) London Festival Orchestra

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Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

I’ve been mixing my own holiday CD’s for a few years now, something I would recommend for you.

You’d end up paying $12 to download the songs from Christmas Chill from iTunes (if they have them all) or less if you have any of these on other CD’s or on your computer.