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The last few weeks I have been entrenched in the process of updating my portfolio (making tons of pdfs). I’ve been working on new ideas on how to make my book original. I have nothing against the standard black book or the aluminum cases, but I like to make something unique. My last portfolio was on metal sheets, but I’ll save that explanation for a later blog post.

I was kicking around a couple ideas the last few weeks and I went with an impulse decision yesterday. AFRICAN MAHOGANY! I spent my lunch break at one of my favorite places in the western burbs, Owl Lumber in Lombard. I just realized that “Lombard” and “Lumber” are almost the same word. Funny.

I walked out of Owl with a 14″ wide four-quarters (that’s 1″ thick in lumber talk) board that’s about 46″ in length. The grain is gorgeous. I nearly peed my pants when I saw the grain. It’s gonna be so lush when I stain it. I’ve worked with African Mahogany before with about 15 woodburned Civil War portraits that I never got around to putting on ebay. It’s amazing how luminous mahogany gets when it’s stained.

And it’s 14 frickin’ inches wide. Where can you buy a 14″ wide piece of Mahogany? Owl Lumber. That’s where. Actually it was the only 14″ board of Mahogany that I could find so I absolutely had to snatch it up. And the grain. Don’t get me started again on the grain!

I think I got great value for it. Should I share the price? ok. fine. $35. Sounds like a lot, but it’s a bargain for 14 inches. It’s a tiny bit warped (which explains its cost), but it won’t effect how I’m going to use it. You should see the prices of the other mahogany boards. They hit three digits easily. There sure is some beautiful stuff at the big O-L in Lombard.

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Kristina J.
Kristina J.
15 years ago

moose – i’d love to see the final product. curious how you’ll use the lovely wood.

out of curiousity – have you seen teak wood at owl’s in lombard?

15 years ago

Hmm, moose….. why are you updating your portfolio?