portable handheld printer

Introducing the Polaroid Zink. It’s the size of a deck of cards and prints 2×3″ images. Imagine a 4×6″ print cut up four ways. Kinda small, but fun for gatherings with friends and family or public art performances.

Just hook up your digital camera or cell phone camera to it via USB or Bluetooth and print. At least it seems as easy as that. I have so many questions. I wonder if certain cameras won’t work with it. And how do you determine which photo to print from your camera? Do you use the review function of the camera and the Zink knows to print that photo? Or is there some laborious interface screen on the Zink?

All cameras have different proportions for the images. Will the Zink know how to crop the photos? Will there be a white border if a photograph is not proportionate to 3×4?

I’m also curious if the Zink pulls its power from the camera or if it needs a power cord.

And how much paper does it hold?

The most interesting techie part of all this is that there’s no ink… at least in the printer itself. The ink resides in the paper. Yea. It uses heat to activate the embedded cyan, magenta, yellow, and/or black particles embedded in the paper itself. Wild technology, simply wild.

There’s conflicting information about what all this is going to cost. Some say the printer will be under $100. Some say it’s going to be $150. Some say the paper is going to cost 30 cents each; some say 40 cents.

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Matt Maldre
16 years ago

I’m betting the paper will be $1 a print. Much like how standard Polaroids cost now.

16 years ago

Wouldn’t a 3×4″ be a 4×6″ cut in half.. not 4-ways?

Still.. want.

Matt Maldre
16 years ago

sparx is SO right! You are SO called out! It’s interesting that they went that direction. I guess you can then fit two photos in a standard photo album spot.