pinball expressionist art

Pinball, you and I will generate great art in tandem. I will help guide your path of expression with my flippers of justice. Now run, magic pinball, run and spread your paint throughout your world of bumper caps, springs and plungers.

The painting (oil on vellum to be specific) above is by Rosemarie Fiore. It is titled, “Evel Knievel Pinball Paintings”. Some call it generative art. I call it pinball expressionist art. No matter what you call it, it kicks royal knickers.

from Fiore’s website: “Entire games of pinball were recorded in oil paint while playing my 1979 Evel Knievel pinball machine. As I played, pinballs covered with oil paint moved across vellum fitted to the machine’s playboard creating the paintings. A video, “Balls of Steel” is exhibited with the paintings.”

Compare the amount of paint above the flippers and the amount of paint below the flippers and it’s safe to guess that Fiore isn’t the world’s best pinball player. Just a guess.

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Mark R
Mark R
15 years ago

I didn’t notice all that much paint below the flippers. So I’m not sure why you think she’s a bad pinball player. Givent he number of games she must have played to create the image, I think she must have done ok.

Matt Maldre
15 years ago

i like pinball. We have a south park pinball machine in the basement of the tribune tower. it is a fun game. half the time the machine is turned off. i don’t know why.