Peter Blume “The Rock” reproduction

It’s interesting to know that I could own a hand-painted reproduction of one of my favorite paintings, “The Rock”, by Peter Blume. There’s various sizes starting from 16×20″ at $220. (I apologize for the lack of a link. I authored this blog post months ago and finally got around to publishing it.)

This whole notion is quite oddly interesting. I’ve seen the TV show, Globe Trekker, visit such a studio in Asia. I don’t know how much the “artist” gets paid, but it’s probably a safe bet to say it’s just peanuts. The sweat shop aspect is displeasing to say the least. I say “artist” after all because these people are just appropriating other artists’ work.

Some sense of redemption can be found in that they clearly state that these are hand-painted oil reproductions. So the buyer knows what they’re getting. I’m curious how museums, and specifically the Art Institute of Chicago, feels about this. These reproductions increase the popularity of the originals. Yet, they are essentially rip-offs that try to be nothing else but that.