paperclips as money

I saw a paperclip on the ground the other day. It’s been in the same spot for a couple days now.

What if paperclips were our society’s form of money? Instead of wallets people would carry around little books that have paperclips neatly placed on each page.

Some people would show off how rich they are by wearing paperclip necklaces. Millionaires would look like Mr. T.

There would be so many fun ways to organize your money. People could wear the paperclip necklaces and make a sub-branch of 5 looped clips to represent 5 dollars. So, if you needed 5 dollars to pay for something, you would just detach that set of 5 looped clips. and hand the chain to the cashier. I wonder if it would become a cultural no-no to pay with looped clips. Would a cashier not like that cuz they would have to unloop all the clips? Or would that become the way cash registers would become organized? One bin in the cash register drawer would have sets of 5 looped clips. Another bin would have sets of 10 looped clips, and so on. Though paper clips get intertwined too much. I think the book technique would work better. The physical nature of the paperclip would encourage peeople to organize their money appropriately.

If paper clips became our monetary system, then people couldn’t use paper clips to organize office papers. It would be like using a 5 dollar bill to hold a stack of papers together.

The government would have to engrave each paperclip to prevent counterfeiting.

I suppose images of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln would not appear on the paper clips. They would have to make the paper clips different colors to represent the different monetary values. Or they could make the paperclips different sizes. The larger the clip, the more its value.

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

When I was in Dublin I took note of the design of the money there including how the larger the money, the more it is worth. Our system is crazy. Why is our nickle bigger than our dime and why is there a penny at all? Why are all the bills the same size? It’s hard enough to prevent counterfeiting of our elaborately-designed money, preventing the counterfeiting of paper clips would be an arduous and expensive task. Maybe the paperclps would be made out of an exact mix of materials and that, when presented for payment for a good or… Read more »