pantone mug collection

I’ve seen places selling Pantone mugs and made me curious if they actually use Pantone inks for these mugs. I’m a little skeptical because I’m not so sure you can use traditional Pantone inks, intended for printed use on paper, on mugs.

Pantone’s official mug page.

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Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

Pantone colors are a standardized color system that is used for a plethora of products, including paint and fabrics that rely on pigments and dyes to color them, not just printer inks. I’m sure the glazes used on the mugs are Pantone colors … my question is: who chose those 10 colors and can I get the Pantone colors that I love?

Tom Saaristo Saaristo
13 years ago

Not sure anyone will see this, but I found some neato shoes that use that PMS