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Sometimes I’ll think of a great domain name, look it up and find some punk already owns it and I feel inclined to visit the site to see how they’re using the name. That happened a few days ago when I was looking up a domain with the word, “Chicago” in it. I honestly can’t remember the domain name. As I visited the domain it question, it forwarded me to a really great site.

urbanremainschicago.com sells “unique American architectural artifacts”. Their “website collection of over 5,000 recovered artifacts dates between the mid-19th century and the late 1960’s.” They are “chicago’s largest source for antique hardware”. Just about all the pieces are true gems. It’s sad we don’t see this level of detail any more.

The doorknob above is from the Stevens Hotel in Chicago. A lot of the hardware on their site are from grand hotels from years gone by like the Stevens. Each piece is usually accompanied by a great description about its original location. The doorknob’s story is no exception. When the Stevens Hotel was opened in 1927, it was considered the largest hotel in the world. Many other features are mentioned in urbanremain’s description.

Owning these historic relics will cost a pretty dime. The original heavy cast brass figural doorknob with a central “rearing lion” surround by classical bay leaf garland ornament is selling for $195. If I were a multi-millionaire, my house would be decorated to the guilds with items from urbanremainschicago.com.

Urban Remains has a showroom at 410 North Paulina Street, Chicago, IL 60622

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14 years ago

thank you for your kind review.