“I wonder what I am going to be able to do… I say to myself that I really have no idea. And I use this incapacity to do whatever may be in order to do something.”
-Claude Closky

Today is the 15th anniversary of my (and many friends/family) graduation from Illinois Wesleyan University

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Matt Maldre
11 years ago

Erik told me about this day, so with the $15.15 I donated to IWU today, there is an area on the form where you can specify how they are to spend the money. I said something like, “please use this money to water the plants.”

I think next time I’m gonna donate $11 and say I’d like $10 of kit kats to be purchased at Walgreens (the extra dollar is for tax) and for the Kit Kats to be delivered to the art students working in their studios at the art building.