Oktomat Lomography 8 frame photos

Here’s a fun lil’ camera from Target. It has 8 built-in lenses and each lens takes a snap every 2 seconds. Each of those 8 frame captures are captured onto the space of one normal 35mm negative. So when you get all 20th-century and go to Target to pick up your prints two days after you drop off the roll, you will notice that there are 8 mini-portraits on one photograph. Sounds like a lot of fun. And guess what. There’s a Flickr group that displays these photos. Though I find this set to be the most interesting.

But here’s the catch. 40 bucks for the camera. It has no focusing element and no flash. The flash I can understand. You can’t expect a $40 camera to recycle a flash every two seconds. But the lack of a focusing element is beyond trite. It’s just cheap. And it looks like the film advancer is manual, which is actually nice cuz you can potentially double expose your negative. I’d pay no more than 20 bucks for this novelty camera. 40 is a bit high for this digital age. Ultimately, I can do the same thing digitally and not have to buy (and carry around) an extra camera that can’t even focus or throw a flash.

But there is a certain quality and legit charm to 35mm photos. Look through your photo album some day and compare your prints from your digital camera to your 35mm prints. 35mm tends to be much richer and fuller. Digital prints usually are pretty sharp and edgy. That’s assuming that people even print their digital prints. Historians aren’t too happy about that, btw.

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

I love all these novelty cameras, but I have to agree … $40 is a bit much!