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I’m find myself pretty consumed with Nintendo DS Clubhouse Games. I usually play during lunch and when I get home from work. There’s quite a few fun games on there. My favs are Bowling, Darts, Word Bubble, and Poker.

At first I was frustrated withTexas Limit Hold ‘Em Poker on Clubhouse. In many ways it’s not like real Texas Hold ‘Em. Each match consists of 20 hands. Once the 20 hands are done, then the person with the most chips wins. Often a match is decided by the 20th hand. That leads to the hands 18-20 being quite unrealistic. Players take very risky moves on hands 18 to 20 in order to win the match. That’s the worst part of the match system. It’s very unrealistic.

Actually, the worst part is that people can get negative dollars. People have less fear of busting out because technically they can’t. However, once you dip below $0, it’s very difficult to come back and win when there’s only 20 hands being played. The developers should have programmed the game so that people automatically lose when they hit $0.

Too often I have seen players raise every chance they get when their bankroll hits the negatives. It can be frustrating when I’m competing with another player at the table and the Mr. Negative keeps rolling the dice on his betting spree and gets unlucky and loses hand after hand to another person at the table who doesn’t know any better and calls his wild bets. But then there’s times when Mr. Negative goes on his betting sprees and I end up with decent hands and I make a few bucks.

About 75% of the people have no idea what they’re doing. They’ll be the first ones to act after the flop and they decide to fold rather than check. That happens quite a bit.

Despite these flaws, I find the action to be pretty good. Plus, it’s nice playing poker on a pint-sized device with real people while I’m sitting in the living room watching TV with my wife. The game play helps train me into being a better limit player.

Patience is a huge quality in being a good limit player. I find that holding out for a couple big hands ends up paying off. Also, I find myself being able to successfully bluff my way into winning some pots here and there. There’s a certain art to bluffing limit games though. Other players usually tend to be either very agressive or very passive. Fortunately, I’d say 75% of the players are passive.

That percentage changes drastically when the match rolls into hands 18-20. But I’m always surprised that that people don’t do the math in their heads to figure out what they need to do to win. For example, the blinds are $2 and $5. If it’s a heads up match and I’m winning by over $21 after hand 18, then I’m just folding my way to victory. I have never seen anyone apply this “fold to victory” theory when they’re ahead.

I’m ranked 210 out of about 9300 players. When I first started the game, I wanted to get into the top ten. I’m finding that that goal is a bit unrealistic. With the current flaws, it’s not always that easy to win. Luck ends up having a larger role than it would in a conventional No Hold ‘Em Limit game. I’d be happy to break the top 50.

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Mark R
Mark R
17 years ago

How are you able to play against other people if they don’t have internet access via the DS yet? Or are these computer players that you are speaking of?

Matt Maldre
17 years ago

Mark, this “internet access” you speak about is just for surfing the web. The DS in USA does not have that capability yet. BUT, you can play other people over a wireless connection on the internet. So I guess in a way the DS is internet ready, but it’s only internet ready in the ability to play other people online. You just can’t surf webpages.

17 years ago

thats a really good ranking. my favorite is rummy on wifi ds. i’m 353/4622