Nikon D400 coming

My 6 megapixel SLR is showing its age. I’m itching for a full frame 16+ megapixel SLR. Problem is that the only such Nikon that currently exists is the D3X. 8 grand. ouch.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on especially considering that the big PMA show is coming in the first week of March. It’s the big camera show of the year.

A couple weeks ago nikonrumors reported that a German website listed a Nikon D400 book. The D400 will essentially be the replacement to the $1800 (retail) D300 (13 megapixels, full frame). Now nikonrumors is reporting that a Swiss site has the same D400 book and that the D400 could be coming in the next couple weeks. I’m giddy. I wasn’t quite sure if the first report was exactly accurate, but now that a completely different second site is listing the same book. So it appears that rumored D400 is an actual reality.

Then again, none of this really has any value to me because the budget ain’t there to be buying any sort of SLR right now. But it’s fun to think about.