new nintendo controller for Revolution

On Thursday, Nintendo announced the new controller for their new “Revolution” gaming system.

It’s a one-handed motion-sensitive controller! It looks very similiar to a television remote control.

“For the fist time, a controller will allow you movement in every direction. Obviously left and right, but you can also move in and out, pitch and yaw.”
-Reggie Fils-Aime, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Nintendo of America

It sounds weird at first, but Nintendo’s article gives some examples on why this is so cool.

Y’know. Nintendo reminds me of Apple in alot of ways. Both are innovators that don’t have a large market share. Heck, the XBox is made by Microsoft which Nintendo’s monster competitor and Windows is made by Microsoft which is a monster competitor to OS X.

However, the biggest similarity between Nintendo and Apple is their sense of maverkickness. Apple is constantly coming out with great new products and features that the industry quickly mimicks. Nintendo is constantly coming out with interesting, new games and products that the industry doesn’t allows follow.

Part of me wishes I bought a Nintendo GameCube. I watch G4TV (video game/technology cable station) every once in a while and the reviews on the GameCube games are always interesting. The look of their games are more stylized and creative rather than the traditional realistic appearance of all the games by Xbox and PS2. And the gameplay is more creative. Xbox and PS2 are great consoles, but the gameplay is always straight-forward, traditional-gameplay based. Nintendo is always thinking of different ways to approach gameplay.

Go Mario.

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Matt Maldre
18 years ago

People are gonna get their remote controls and their game controllers mixed up now. “Honey can you pass me the remote?… Hey this remote ain’t workin—it’s the game controller, d’oh!”