new macbooks coming

If you have plans on buying a macbook, just wait if you dare. Apple has told their retailers to stockpile four weeks worth of macbooks. That’s a tell tale sign that new macbooks are coming.

I bought a brand new macbook a couple weeks ago. Just from following the rumor mill for the past few months I knew something would hit between September and January. However, I didn’t want to buy the first gen of the new macbook and have to wait longer for the second gen to come out. Buying any first generation Apple product is risky business. I know. I bought the first gen G5 imac. Piece of junk. Anyone want to buy it from me for $100? Though my new macbook has a bad keyboard. The “p” key on my new macbook only works if i hit it relatively hard.

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Mark R
Mark R
15 years ago

I read somewhere they might try to integrate the touch screen from the iPhone into the Macbooks.

That could be the big change they are making…

Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

In my building we have “magic chutes” … garbage chutes actually. Just drop your things in and they disappear! It’s MAGIC! This morning when I went to take the trash out, I went into the little room where the chute is and saw a Dell computer and monitor on the floor [I guess they didn’t fit down the magic chute!] Then I saw the empty G5 Mac box next to it. Haha!

Matt Maldre
15 years ago

Do the magic chutes ever get clogged?