new aluminum imac design freaking ugly

Leading up to yesterday’s announcement of the new iMacs, I had been prophetically claiming (search for “2001”) that the new iMacs would be black. All discussion on popular tech sites like and was focused on aluminum, aluminum, aluminum. My argument was that Apple has been using the same brushed metal look since 2001 and it’s getting old. Glossy black is the hottest trend in electronics, including Apple’s iPhone. The previous iMacs were modeled after the iPod so it makes even more sense for the new iMacs to be modeled after the iPhone.

Well I guess I was half right. The new iMacs have an all black back and a black border around the screen. The rest of the computer is aluminum. The result is terribly ugly computer. They should be either all black or all aluminum. This mish mash of materials goes against Apple’s aesthetic. Plus, the form factor hasn’t changed at all from the previous iMac. Boring! I’m really disappointed in Apple. The current iMacs are boring and ugly. Might as well slap an HP logo on the front to complete the look.

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Matt Maldre
16 years ago

i totally agree. It’s as if Apple hired on some people who have worked with HP.