my most-read posts made in 2008

Many thanks to Matt of spudart for pulling the data and giving me the idea for this post. Check out his top ten most-read posts in 2008.

The number in parenthesis is the number of hits the post received in 2008.

  1. best General Grievous costume (1,670)
    I am happy to be a part of the Star Wars universe.
    #2 on Google for: best General Grievous costume.
  2. 2008 Fantasy Baseball Talk (1,643)
    This is the ongoing conversation my brother and I had about our 2008 fantasy baseball season. We had a a couple guest commentators and hundreds of visits from others checking out the chat.
  3. best keychain toy novelty video/still camera (803)
    I’m a sucker for affordable novelty cameras and apparently so are 800 other people.
    #1 on Google for: best keychain toy novelty camera.
  4. Give southern Illinois to Missouri (781)
    Probably my favorite post of the year. The title of the post says it all.
    #3 on Google for: Give southern Illinois to Missouri. Funnily enough spudart’s link to this post is #1.
  5. Olympic athletes must compete in one foreign sport (659)
    I hope Olympic officials were among the 659 hits to this post. Though my Michael Phelps weightlifting photo is probably the real reason for all the visits.
  6. white house ant farm (654)
    What’s really below the white house? I like to think it’s an ant farm.
    #1 on Google for: white house ant farm.
  7. iPass goofiness (646)
    Clearly Blago had left his mark on Illinois iPass given the discovery I made in this post.
    #1 on Google for: iPass goofiness.
  8. Bud Light Lime commerical song music (620)
    600 other people were curious who sings this song. I’m glad I could help them.
    I wudda got more hits if I spelled “commercial” properly. sheesh. (The post is now correctly spelled.)
  9. cake frosting 596
    People like cake frosting. I like cake frosting.
  10. Super Bowl L (578)
    Super Bowl 50 will be Super Bowl L in roman numerals. very Lame.
    #3 on Google for: Super Bowl L.