my Borders score: 1 of 4

Feature 1 of the books I scored at the Borders liquidation sale. These books were 40% off retail.

Here’s a little (5″ x 6.5″ x 1.2″) art history book (10,000 Years of Art) that I’ve been eyeing for about a year. I’ve always gravitated towards its simplistic cover design. And sometimes it’s just nice to buy an art book that gives brief insights into specific pieces, especially when it’s just six bucks.

Refreshingly enough, just about all of the featured pieces in this book are not your typical famous paintings/sculptures you see in most generic history-of-art books. When I was waiting at the stop light after leaving Borders, I randomly opened to page 398 featuring Caspar David Friedrich’s painting, “Monk on the Seashore”. Maybe I’m just a sucker for extremely austere and somber seashore art, but I really enjoy this painting. The description included the piece’s cultural significance and a quick observation about the painting’s emotional and psychological effects. I immediately bookmarked the page with a paper straw sleeve.

$10 on amazon, $6.41 at Borders (with 7.75% tax)