most affordable foam brushes

Here’s the biggest deal I could find at any dollar store.

You can pay $6 for a 9-Piece Foam Brush Set at Home Depot. That’s $0.67 per brush.

Or you can pay $1 for a 9-Piece Foam Brush Set at the Dollar Tree in Villa Park, IL. That’s $0.11 per brush.

The Depot brushes have a wooden handle (D.Tree’s handle is plastic) and the foam is slightly more dense than the D. Tree’s foam. Now, when I’m investing a large amount of time in a project either art-related or home improvement-related, I don’t like to skimp on supplies. If I’m putting solid time into a piece, I don’t want the supplies to lower the quality of work.

In this case, the less dense foam really performs just as well as the denser foam. Foam brushes are a once-and-done deal. The amount of time that each foam brush is used is minimal, so I rarely need a higher density foam to last longer. Dollar Tree foam brushes are the best buy here.