more on the Cubs video board

quick, specific observations of the video screen experience

The previous post goes into more detail about the Wrigley experience and how the new video screen impacts that. Here
s just some quick things I encountered.

1. As of April 14, the sound throughout the ball park now comes from the left field video board. It used to be evenly distributed throughout the park. I like that there
s one main source for audio throughout the park. It has a certain grounding effect.

2. There still is sound throughout the park, and at times it doesn
t sync up with the video board. That happened big-time during the National Anthem. The singer and the main speakers on the video board were in sync, but the supporting speakers throughout the rest of park were delayed by at least a second or two. It was quite noticeable and it clearly threw off the pacing of the singer. He held up really well, but I felt so sorry for him.

3. The organ is still around, but has a greatly diminished role in games. Now players have specialized musical intros when they come to bat. I’m guessing each player gets to pick their song. None of them were organ music. ๐Ÿ™‚