more reasons why i don’t like the white sox [#4]


I don’t like how they shoot off fireworks when a Sox player hits a homerun.

4A. First off, it’s insulting. I feel like when I see a homerun, the White Sox franchise is saying “Hey Dumb A55! Look! Someone hit a homer!” By watching the game, I KNOW that someone hit a homer. I don’t need stupid fireworks to notify me that someone hit a homer.

4B. If you’re going to shoot off fireworks, then do it between innings when no live action is happening on the field. I don’t need fireworks to enhance the excitement of homerun. The impact of a homerun is joy enough for this baseball fan.

4C. So what am I supposed to watch? Am I supposed to watch the fireworks which are going off beyond center field? Or am I supposed to watch the player circling the basepaths? Only the people sitting directly behind home plate can enjoy the fireworks in the background as the Sox player circles the bases. I was sitting in the 5th-to-last row of the lower deck between first base and the rightfield foul pole. So I had to decide if I was going to watch the fireworks or watch Paul Konerko circle the bases. What’s more important to the Sox franchise? Having me enjoy watching my guy circle the bases or having me watch some silly fireworks? Seems to me that the White Sox think it’s more important for me to watch their silly fireworks than to pay attention to their team.

4D. So I decided to watch the fireworks when Konerko hit his homerun, cuz I wasn’t rooting for the Sox. What terrible fireworks. Geez. If you’re going to be stupid enough to shoot off fireworks during a major part of the action on the field, then you better well make those fireworks good. These fireworks were weak, tiny fireworks. They had better fireworks in Ben Franklin’s day. Seriously. The fireworks were terrible. At least give me one of those giant grand-daddy fireworks that fill the sky. Or give me one of those twisty turnie crazy new fireworks. Instead, they shoot off a couple tiny sleepy fireworks. Pathetic. This is major league baseball.

I was sitting next to a co-worker who said they shoot off better fireworks at Chicago Wolves hockey games. He’s not a baseball fan. He uses the term “points” instead of “runs”. So, he’s not biased for or against the Sox.
4D1. So the Wolves play in a second tier league below the NHL.
4D2. And it’s the less popular sport of hockey, unlike the widely popular sport of baseball.
4D3. And the Wolves play INDOORS!
So the Wolves who play for a second tier league in a sport far less popular than baseball and they play indoors and THEY have better fireworks than the Sox. That’s absolutely pathetic.

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Matt Maldre
18 years ago

You are missing the point of the fireworks. Fireworks are to make the moment even more dramatic. When someone hits a homerun, I don’t watch the player round the bases. I’m too busy hi-fiving everyone around me, and jumping up and down, and yelling. It’s all about the noise and drama of it–which the Sox could use some more dramatic fireworks. Oh wait, it’s cuz they can’t afford it, cuz they can’t even fill their seats when they have the best record in baseball.

Matt Maldre
18 years ago

Even when the Sox are winners, they can’t help but to come off as losers.