more reasons why i don’t like the white sox [#2]


This one drives me really crazy. White Sox fans glorify “The Cell” for having wide walking lanes. First of, it feels like a shopping mall with those wide lanes, not a ball park. I already knew about the “shopping mall” experience so I can’t count that in this exercise.

I’m disappointed to see The Cell have so few walking lanes. The lower deck offers one walking lane. That’s it. Wrigley offers at least two walking lanes on the lower deck depending on where you’re at.

Why is it nice to have two walking lanes? Well, the walking lane closest to the field at Wrigley is really, really close to the action. I’ve been taking alot of pictures at cubs games this year. It’s nice to go down these walking lanes and sneak in a few close-up shots. Even if you’re not carrying a camera, it’s still a tremendous experience being able to catch a few pitches of major league baseball up-close and personal.

You can have tickets for the last row in the upper deck and still enjoy the close-up action thanks to the close walking lane. You don’t get this experience at The Cell.

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Matt Maldre
18 years ago

although have you seen at wrigley how they added seats in the middle of the walking lane. You’ll be walking along and all of the sudden, boom! there are seats and you can’t get by. it’s rather bizarre. You have then go up the aisle to that 2nd walking aisle to get by. The Cubs certainly have lots of issues with their park and how they have handled it–i.e. lame advertising on the wall behind homeplate, wooden spoons, umm what else…