(Moose) Bulls on Parade

Moose like parades.

Two Moose Crash July 4th Parade in Utah

Sun Jul 4, 1:47 PM ET

BRIGHTON, Utah – Everybody, and apparently every thing, loves a parade. Two young bull moose, each more than 6-feet tall and weighing hundreds of pounds, crashed Brighton’s Fourth of July celebration.

The moose trotted up to Saturday’s festivities, but backed off when they saw the crowd. Then they bolted through to get to the other side of town, coming within a few feet of some spectators. A few kids screamed but no one was hurt. “I told my family, that’s something you
don’t see at the downtown parades,” said Jeff Worthington.

“They stopped the parade and everybody just sat and watched,” said Amber Bailey, a volunteer cleaning up after breakfast. “They could kill somebody. It was amazing that they would have the guts to walk out in front of everybody.”

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