monkeys monkeys monkeys!

Check out They have alot of monkeys.

Monkey bags, monkey purses, monkey cards, monkey gift bags, monkey games, monkey hats, monkey masks, inflatable monkeys, monkey key chains, monkey clothing, monkey movies, monkey pens, monkey paper, monkey photos, monkey frames, stuffed animal monkeys, monkey puppets, t-shirts with monkeys on them, monkey toys, and of course sock monkeys!

One of my favs is the Chimp Cell Phone cover.

And they are having an after-Christmas sale. Up to 50% off. I’m going ape!

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Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

WOW! One of my co-workers is into monkeys. She is quitting her job to become a h.s. history teacher. Something from would be the PERFECT present! The only thing I found previously was the stuffed monkey from

Thanks, Moose!!

Matt Maldre
19 years ago

monkeys rule! while at target yesterday, i convinced my girlfriend to buy a pair of monkey socks. THEY ARE SO CUTE!