Mini Cooper robot!

The Mini Cooper is incredible on so many different levels. I’ll share one. Go to You can download a pdf of a giant Mini robot. Very Transformer-esque. Some might fault Mini for stealing a page out of Transformer’s book. I say it’s absolutely brilliant. Robots are cool. I have plans of making my own robots and selling them some day. Huge print-outs are cool. They tell you tile it out. There’s 144 8.5×11 pages. You piece them together to get a giant Mini robot. Giant Mini? get it? very nice.

Tiling a photo onto multiple sheets is great. I did a semi-large photo collage of a gummi bear back in college. I also tiled out a giant map of my hometown, Elmhurst. One more: I took a picture of a 2″ christmas tree in 2000 and printed it out to be 8 feet tall. That served as my Christmas tree. no pine needles to sweep up. Any way. i’m blabbing now. Mini Coopers get me all worked up.

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Matt Maldre
20 years ago

Hey, don’t you have pics of these artworks you speak of?

Matt Maldre
18 years ago

oh crap. i posted this in the wrong area.