MINI beachcomber

Have you seen the newly introduced MINI Beachcomber? I like it. It’s a beefed-up MINI. All the different MINI iterations are always interesting from the station wagon to the convertible and so on. The branding behind the MINI has always been fun, though it’s been getting a little repetitive the last few years.

I momentarily considered buying a MINI years ago, but the price was just too much and I need to haul around too much stuff from Home Depot/Menards for it to work for me. Plus, at the time I knew my wife and I were going to have a baby at some point. I would have gone for the standard MINI with yellow paint, black top and maybe black stripes on the hood. It would have been a homage to my family’s $100 “banana with a bruise” car from the mid 1980s.

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14 years ago

It’s so cute! I don’t like MINIs much, but this one has personality.