Milwaukee Art Museum alternate photos

Anyone who has visited the Milwaukee Art Museum with a camera most certainly has take a photo like this one. Technically the space is called “The Quadracci Pavilion”. It’s a space-age enveloping environment that delights and inspires all its visitors. It demands to be photographed. And it sure is very photogenic. Though I’ve seen so many photos just like this one. It makes me want to visit the Museum just to take some minimalistic tight crop shots.

The photo shown above is by numstead on Flickr. Numstead’s photo is a fine photo. The only reason I’m calling out this specific photo is that it’s the #1 search result for “Milwaukee Art Museum” on Flickr and I’m too lazy to pull out the photo I took of The Quadracci Pavilion years ago. Some day I’ll replace the blog post photo with the photo I took.