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Here’s the third installment of the series, FEATURED EBAY ARTIST.
Mike Hogue
ebay store

Mike Hogue’s Jinx the Black Cat ART STORE offers ink jet prints of illustrations of who else but Jinx the Black Cat. The style is highly refined. It seems like Jinx should be on Cartoon Network. Whereas Jen Gagne’s cartoon style is reminiscent of a junior high sketch book, Hogue is of a higher class. His style is highly professional.

The home page of the store features a great animation of Jinx sitting in front of a fan. I guess cats really like fans. I’ve never seen an ebay store with such sophisticated animations. Each item for sale even has its own custom animation that complements the illustration for sale.

It’s obvious that Hogue needs to refine his html skills. The layout of his ebay items are terrible and only hurt the feel of his skilled prints.

Hogue’s work on ebay has high “cute” value and zero symbolism and meaning. He is targeting the large group of “black cat” collectors who use ebay. I’m surprised at how many “black cat” items sell on ebay. Kudos to Mike for finding that audience and catering to it. About 6 months ago I pondered creating black cat robot paintings to sell on ebay so I can tap into this large, active market.

Normally I like to see original art work from ebay artists and not ink jet prints. However, Hogue’s style demands that he sell his illustrations in print form rather than as paintings.

Signed prints cost about $10 and are usually 8.5″ x 8.5″. Very reasonable cost. I cringe every time I go to Hobby Lobby and see stupid, generic prints of horses or landscapes. Artists like Mike Hogue make it possible to purchase original art for the same price you would pay for cheap junk from the likes of Hobby Lobby.

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Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

Jinx the Black Cat absolutely deserves to be on Cartoon Network! Somebody inform the media!

Matt Maldre
19 years ago

is there only one print per animation? Or is he selling off each individual frame in the animation. So for one animation is there like 200 unique prints?