mark rothko

I’ve been turned on by paintings by Mark Rothko ever since I saw a calendar of his work for sale at Borders in January for half off (about 6 bucks). Being the cheap-skate that I am, I hid the calendar in another section of the store knowing full-well that Borders eventually sells their calendars for $1 at the beginning of February. I returned to the store at the end of January to see if the hidden calendar was still there and of course it was gone. Those Oak Brook Borders workers run a tight ship. Perhaps the fact that I was denied the ownership of this calendar resulted in a planted seed in my brain that Mark Rothko’s work is very desirable. So my interest in Mark Rothko began with this calendar incident.

A couple days ago I visited the Elmhurst Public Library and checked out a massive book on Mark Rothko. As my wife said, “that’s a big book”. It’s over 700 pages of nothing but pure Mark Rothko excitement and adventure. His chromatic abstraction is mesmerizing. Of course, it trenscends simple color theory.

I can’t believe I was in Houston a couple years ago and didn’t make it to The Rothko Chapel. Oh well, I was there on business anyways.

Did you know that Mark Rothko was Latvian? My neighbor ,Mark, and I coulda been buds.

It’s hard to believe that there are only 26 results for: Mark Rothko: on google’s image search (large sizes only). Searching for: Rothko: gives 77 results (large sizes only) ,but alotta of the images are unrelated like this one.

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19 years ago

Glad to see you have found good stuff in the library. Yikes where else would there be a 700 page book. Elmhurst Library is so, so new and so,so cool. Those suburban libraries do have the compeitive edge over THE city library. By the way did you check out your dad’s stuff in the display window???

Oh, be careful with the buds referencing – Lativia might be next door but Finland holds the trump card in budsmanship.

Laura K.
Laura K.
19 years ago

you picked the right place to go on vacation. you’ll have to visit the Rothko room while you’re in London – i believe it’s at the Tate Modern.

Matt Maldre
19 years ago

maybe Mark Rothko was actually a dog all this time. Can dogs even see in color?