Today I received an email from a dude in London asking a question about my macquarium. London! How cool is that! He wanted more info on the vase I used for the aquarium. I uploaded a photo of the barcode. The links section is updated and there’s a new logo on the splash page. Nothing huge. I just want Google to rank my macquarium pages higher. I have a ton of info and I’m stuck on the third page for the search: macquarium.

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Matt Maldre
19 years ago

third?! third ain’t bad. oh wait, the third PAGE. so you are like 30-something in the results. Oh yeah, that is bad. You need to do something wacky with it. ummm what can you do. Somehow tie it into current events. Put brittney spears in your macquarium. No. that is lame. um, how about you do a contest. people like contests. Then you can post about it on mac boards. hmmm, is that spamming? Somehow get your macquarium into the news, then it’ll get hot. But to do that, you have to do something unusual, and we are back to… Read more »