macbook running hot temperature cuz of thermal grease

I love the look of the new black MacBooks. The best looking mac ever was the Pismo Powerbook. It was black and had nice subtle sexy curves to it. I still use my ol’ Pismo to check email. The highest end MacBook is now available in black. This is the first time an Apple laptop has been offered in black since the good ol’ days of the Pismo.

Yet, the funny thing is that the new MacBooks are running quite hot. Seems as though Apple has been putting too much thermal grease in the machines. Thermal grease. that’s funny.

There’s some funny comments on the macnn forums about this problem like: “I’m not gonna order a MacBook sandwich until Apple figures out that it’s putting too much mayo on it.”

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Matt Maldre
18 years ago

what is that illustration of the circuit board? Oh wait, i see. I thought someone was taking a piece off the circuit board. But it’s someone with a magnfying glass looking at Mayo on the board. Oh. Is that for real?

Mark R
Mark R
18 years ago

I can do the research on my own, I just thought that since you are a big Mac guy you might know the differences / limitations of Mac’s in comparison to PC’s. No worries.


[…] The hardware was faulty. It was first generation. The first generation Macbooks had a problem with thermal grease. But that issue has been resolved with the second generation Macbooks. It just seems that Apple […]