lego brick colors

I’m gonna ask for Lego bricks for Christmas. I want to get 2×4 bricks in one color availabe at or in any Lego store (there’s one downtown and one in Schaumburg). The Lego stores have plastic cups that you can fill. I was there yesterday and I was able to get 100 2×4 bricks to fit in the $13 cup. 13 cents each. They sell 50 bricks for $7 at

I like building abstract Lego sculptures, but I don’t like using different colors. The colors are so strong and vibrant that they distract from the formal shape of the sculpture.

Which color should I get?








Now here’s a cool Lego dinosaur.


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Matt Maldre
18 years ago

white. it’s the color of the ipod, so you know it’s cool.

Mark R
Mark R
18 years ago

Go with black. Black goes with everything and it’s very slimming.

Laura K.
Laura K.
18 years ago

white. it will showcase the structure of your sculpture well, with good highlights and shadows. with black, you lose the depth. and with a color, you are distracted from the form.