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leading up to 5000

Here’s the ten comments leading up to and including the 5,000th comment for historical purposes (Let it be known that only spudart knew that I was approaching 5,000. I told him around comment 4,993):

4,991 (affordable calculator watch):
Another great thing I’ve come to appreciate is the exactness of the time. I’ve never been quite satisfied with the design of most dial-based watches. With a digital face, I can QUICKLY glance at the watch and see EXACTLY what time it. That’s so refreshing.
Posted by: unlikelymoose on Jan 13, 11 | 6:47 pm

4,992 (01/11/2011 11:11AM):
I might try playing Uno while listening to U2’s One when the clock strikes 11:11:11 on 11/11/11.
Posted by: unlikelymoose on Jan 13, 11 | 6:49 pm

4,993 (Kenny’s Irish Pub):
that certainly is a hamburger of delight. Though I’m not crazy about buns with seeds.
Posted by: unlikelymoose on Jan 13, 11 | 6:50 pm

4,994 (camera with ZINK):
The photos that come out of that camera are crap.
Posted by: spudart on Jan 14, 11 | 4:58 pm

4,995 (camera with ZINK):
Their advertising team RAWKS! “Hey guys… let’s make it POOP photos! *everyone cheers*”
Posted by: sparx on Jan 14, 11 | 10:03 pm

4,996 (cheapest Christmas album):
It all can be classified as classical music. I have been very pleased with it thus far. I haven’t been through the entire 99 song album yet. I will update the post with a listing of all the officially listed artists on the album.

I will say that the album is worth it for the 18 songs by the Oxford St. Peter’s Choir. Anyone who enjoys Christmas music should have at least one album with choir music. This is my first Christmas album with choir music and it’s delightful.
Posted by: unlikelymoose on Jan 14, 11 | 10:07 pm

4,997 (cheapest Christmas album):
You know why I wasn’t seeing anything? Adblock. Adblock was blocking the amazon iframe. Laaaame.

That is a lot of songs. Someone should do a “best of” compilation of THIS cd.
Posted by: sparx on Jan 14, 11 | 10:13 pm

4,998 (cheapest Christmas album):
If you have been listening to this album, then why don’t i see it in your stream?
Posted by: spudart on Jan 15, 11 | 5:49 pm

4,999 (gray polar bear):
White polar bear:

Aren’t those teeth impressive?!
Posted by: sparx on Jan 17, 11 | 6:36 pm

5,000 (gray polar bear):

White polar bear walking by a window during a snowstorm:

Posted by: Tom Saaristo on Jan 19, 11 | 7:38 am

A couple observations:
I love the poop references. And I seem to like using the word, “delight”. It appears twice.

4 Responses to leading up to 5000

  1. sparx January 23, 2011 at 8:20 pm #

    I was so close 🙁
    Watch this end up being comment 9,999 somehow!

  2. Erik Maldre January 24, 2011 at 12:26 pm #

    For the record, comment 5,001 was left by spudart:

    5,001 (Chicago on Google Images)
    i wonder what the Chicago Spire would look like in a computer rendering if it was broken in half like the cedar wood.

    Posted by: spudart on Jan 19, 11 | 9:57 pm

    5,002 (5,000 COMMENTS!)
    WOOHOO! I did it! It is my infinite pleasure to be a regular commenter! This is a very nice reward!

    Posted by: Tom Saaristo on Jan 20, 11 | 5:05 am

    5,003 (5,000 COMMENTS!)
    5,000 COMMENTS cool. When I get home, I’ll run a few commands to get some analysis on the top commenters, top words used, etc.

    Posted by: spudart on Jan 20, 11 | 9:52 am

    5,004 (5,000 COMMENTS!)
    spud, I recall that you have recognized those who hit milestones on your site iin the past. Is that something that you just haven’t done lately? Honestly, I was always secretly hoping I might hit a milestone number on your blog or this one … and my dream came true! By the way, not to make it all about me … lol … congratulations, mooose! Maybe I should check the numbers on my tiny little blog and see what they reveal

    Posted by: Tom Saaristo on Jan 20, 11 | 2:26 pm

    5,005 (5,000 COMMENTS!)
    The big FIVE-TRIPLE-O! Nicely done!

    Posted by: sparx on Jan 22, 11 | 8:05 am

    5,006 (Bears Packers prediction)
    oh neat prediction time. Hmmm. Unfortunately the first number that came to mind for the Packers was 35. That’s really high. Can the bears knock out more than 35 points? I got this 35 number stuck in my head. So it would have to be 37-35 bears win. But wait. No. I think the Bears will shut down the packers. They’ll get hmmm. Maybe one touchdown and two field goals. What’s that? 13. Bears with 21. That’s my final answer Beears win 21-13.

    Posted by: spudart on Jan 23, 11 | 12:01 am

    5,007 (Bears Packers prediction)
    I didn’t predict the score, but I did predict a Packer win.
    Regardless of the fact that my prediction was INFINITELY more correct than yours (:P), I thought it was a really good game!

    Posted by: sparx on Jan 23, 11 | 7:45 pm

    5,008 (leading up to 5000)
    I was so close 🙁
    Watch this end up being comment 9,999 somehow!

    Posted by: sparx on Jan 23, 11 | 8:20 pm

    5,009 (let’s see what happens)
    Also “I wonder what this does?”… but that’s 5 words.

    5,010 (leading up to 5000)
    this comment right here

  3. Matt Maldre January 24, 2011 at 4:48 pm #

    My comment being #5,001 was rather fitting. I talk about breaking something in half. 5,001 is the first comment on the other half of 5,000 on the way to 10,000.

  4. sparx January 24, 2011 at 4:51 pm #

    If I write a script that posts 5000 comments, I’m almost guaranteed to be #10,000!
    (Please turn off moderation for about 5 minutes :-P)

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