last time two 100-loss teams played each other MLB

Tonight begins what could be an historic series in Major League Baseball. The 60-99 Chicago Cubs host the 53-106 Houston Astros for a three-game set. If the Astros win one of the first two games, then we will see two 100-loss teams face each other.

The last time two MLB teams with 100 losses played each other was on September 30, 1962. The 58-103 Chicago Cubs played the 40-119 New York Mets. The Cubs won that game 5-1 resulting in 59-103 and 40-120 records for each club. Casey Stengel was manager of the Mets and Charlie Metro was manager of the Cubs for that game. The Cubs had four Hall-of-Famers on the ’62 team: Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo, and Lou Brock. The ’62 Mets had one HOFer: Richie Ashburn.

Since 1962 there have been ten instances where there have been two 100-loss teams in either the National League or American League. Here’s the list:

1962 Chicago Cubs 59-103, 1962 New York Mets 40-120;
combined losses: 223

1964 Washington Senators 62-100, 1964 Kansas City Athletics 57-105;
combined losses: 205

1965 Boston Red Sox 62-100, 1965 Kansas City Athletics 59-103;
combined losses: 203

1969 Montreal Expos 52-110, 1969 San Diego Padres 52-110;
combined losses: 220

1978 Toronto Blue Jays 59-102, 1978 Seattle Mariners 56-104;
combined losses: 206

1979 Toronto Blue Jays 53-109, 1979 Oakland Athletics 54-108;
combined losses: 217

1985 Pittsburgh Pirates 57-104, 1985 San Francisco Giants 62-100;
combined losses: 204

1993 San Diego Padres 61-101, 1993 New York Mets 59-103;
combined losses: 204

2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 55-106, 2002 Detroit Tigers 55-106;
combined losses: 212

2006 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 61-101, 2006 Kansas City Royals 62-100;
combined losses: 201

2012 Houston Astros 53-106 (as of 9/30/12), 2012 Chicago Cubs 60-99 (as of 9/30/12)

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Matt Maldre
10 years ago

From glancing at this list, it looks like this would be the first time that two 100-loss teams were in the same division.

Matt Maldre
10 years ago

It’s rather cool that a team with 100 losses (Astros) handed the Cubs their 100th loss.

“Astros hand Cubs 100th loss of season”

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