laser engraver

oh. i so badly want my own laser engraver. I had to do a ton of digging around just to find a site that lists a price. These guys sell the Epilog Mini 18 for $9,995. Or i could lease to own one for $202/month. I wish I didn’t buy a new car in September. $202 a month is far less than a monthly car payment. I wish i was rich. I would buy this thing in a second. Imagine all the cool art I could make. This thing blows away my woodburner.

I submitted a request for brochure, cd demo and samples.
They have a Samples Gallery and an Applications section. ooooooh… the possibilities!

specs on the Epilog Mini 18:

workable area: 12 x 18″ up to 6″ thick

watts: 25

Standard Air Assist, Auto Focus, Vector Grid & Red Dot Pointer

80 IPS Engraving Speed

High-Quality Engraving and Cutting

Engrave and cut wood, acrylic, plastic, fabric, rubber, leather, and more!
(I’d be super nervous about engraving anything but wood. Any sort of plastic puts off a ton of toxins that i don’t need to be around.)

And the last link I’ll provide, “Deciding if a laser is right for you“. Of course it is! Gimme one! PLEASE!

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Matt Maldre
18 years ago

that is really cool. start saving up now!