laptops with cranks

TUNIS, Tunisia–A hand-cranked laptop was introduced by MIT Media Lab Chairman Nicholas Negroponte. It will cost roughly $100 (prolly $115) and is expected to be in the hands of schoolchildren in poorer countries by late 2006. Only available for schoolkids.

“This is truly a moving experience,” said U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who showed up at the beginning of the event. “It’s also a moving expression of global solidarity and corporate citizenship.”


-500MHz processor (my laptop is only 400 MHz)

-1GB RAM (that’s more RAM than my laptop!)

-built-in wireless

-some form of Linux (open source)… Apple wanted to put their processors in their, but they were rejected cuz they ain’t open source. Viva La open source.

-a unique dual-mode display that can be used in full-color mode, or in a black-and-white sunlight-readable mode. One minute of cranking will yield 40 minutes of power in black-and-white mode. No mention of how much cranking is needed for full-color.

That’s pretty cool. A crank. I wish my laptop had an option for power-cranking. In fact, I wish my digital camera had a little crank on it. Now that would be sweet.

full story at cnet. has a nice set of photos of the laptop.

Companies including Google, Advanced Micro Devices, News Corp. and Red Hat have donated to the project.