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Here’s the second installment of the series, FEATURED EBAY ARTIST.
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Jen Gagne was selected as the second Featured ebay artist because her work is a sharp contrast to the first Featured ebay Artist, url=]GusFink.

Jen Gagne’s art is very playful and vibrant to the point where it looks like she gets hyped up on a full gallon of Jolt soda pop twice a day.

The subject matter is most often bubbly cartoons with giant eyes (again… lots of Jolt pop) with huge, happy, yet sharp teeth. Her maximum vibrancy-based color palette takes inspiration from the energenic figures she paints.

On her website,, she says, “I have been an artist all my life, fascinated by biology. The zoological and biomechanical theme carries on throughout my original art”. It’s funny she talks about subject matter, because it’s her cartoon-style and color palette dominates the feel and emotion of her art. I don’t think “biology” when I look at her work.

Just about all the work is simple portraits. There appears to be zero undertones of symbolism or meaning. Her intention with her art seems to be rooted in offering people a way to add playful, fun, simple, semi-original charters with a splash of color to their home walls or office cubicle at an affordable price. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Her ebay store categories are “repro. art, canvas”, “repro. art, paper”, “cards and frames”, and “handmade jewelry”. Right now there’s only 10 items for sale.

I’m disappointed she doesn’t sell too much original art work. Her style really allows her to sell original art for an affordable price. Oh well. However, the reproductions she sells are very affordable. Jen Gagne sells art prints in cd jewel cases which is a fun complement to her playful style of art. Those pieces can be purchased for only $5. Can’t get much cheaper than that.

Me, personally, I would be constantly looking over my shoulder if I had one of her pieces hanging on my wall. Those big, bulgy piercing eyes would allows be staring me down. eek. But, kudos must be awarded to Jen Gagne for offering affordable, playful, colorful, original art.

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

OK, whereas Gus Fink’s stuff was too dark, Jen’s stuff is too playful, not that either isn’t a good artist, they’re just not my taste.

Matt Maldre
18 years ago

Wow the jolt cola cans are designed to look like batteries! complete with a real power meter “First-ever use of thermosensitive ink. A working gauge revealing power remaining.” The plus and minus signs at the top and bottom are a nice touch too.


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