Jacksonville Suns logo

I think I’m a fan of the logo for the Jacksonville Suns (Class AA affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers). It has a retro vibe to it that would look great on a beat-up t-shirt. It also has that coastal, laid back, fun look. With that said, it seems odd that the Sun has that weird smerky smile. I suppose you could say that sun has a surfer attitude.

And now to get really picky. I think the starburst behind the sun doesn’t exactly match the illustration style of the sun. It’s a little to sharp and edgy (visually so, not conceptually). And the butt-nose is very distracting.

As a whole, I think the Jacksonville Suns logo is a fresh approach to logo design in the baseball world. Don’t get me wrong there’s a ton of other logos that are far more cool and slick, but it’s a great logo for a summertime sport.