Is everyone wearing their Protestant orange today? #2

Catholics wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. Protestants wear orange.

A Catholic co-worker mentioned this to me a few years ago when I just happened to wear a bright orange t-shirt on St. Patrick’s Day. He called me a rebel or something. I’m Lutheran.

So now, I make a point of wearing orange on St. Patrick’s Day.

(I’ve been reposting this blog post on every St. Patrick’s Day since 2005.)

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Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

I’m not Catholic so I never wore green; even as an Episcopalian (sorry) child we wore orange. As a Buddhist I still sometimes don orange (like today, I had on a solid orange tie), mainly to support my Protestant family and friends. It’s so funny how many Catholics are befuddled by my orange “statement”

“Where’s your green?”

“I’m not Catholic”


Fortunately I noticed the people wearing green more than they noticed me wearing orange. Or they were scared of me
hard to tell.

16 years ago

Unless Erik moved to Ireland when I wasn’t looking, I don’t think many people in the US — Catholic, Protestant or otherwise — would have even the beginnings of a clue about the symbolism you’re talking about here.

Even among the ones with some awareness, they’re probably not likely to want to open up those particular divisions…