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Well, my free U2 ipod should be arriving late this week or early next week. I’ve been shopping around for accessories… specifically a speaker setup.

I really don’t have a half-way decent set of speakers at home. I have an old cassette/AM/FM radio that I bought from my brother for $5 about 5 years ago. It does a nice job of taping music off the radio. The pause button doesn’t stop the tape immediately so it actually creates a nice, natural transition between songs. However, I haven’t taped anything in about 4 years and i lost the power cord.

Then there’s the speakers on my iMac and my Powerbook, but those things sound terrible. I bought a pair of $10 speakers about 7 years ago at Office Max. It’s ok, but there is next to zero bass. It’s interesting to hear some songs without a bass, but it gets old after a while.

I’m not a big music nut so I don’t get picky with specifics of speakers. Though you can easily make that assumption based on the fact that the two different speaker systems that I bought in the last ten years total $15 (office max set and my brother’s radio). So it’s about time that I get something that works well.

There’s two ways I can go about buying speakers. Buy a unit specifically built for the ipod. Or buy a boombox and use the FM Transmitter (still to be purchased) to listen to my iPod via the boombox.

I’m not going for the big ghetto, clunky boomboxes. The smaller, sleaker boomboxes fit my needs more. Space in my studio is limited. I found a nice, little $60 boombox at Best Buy with good sound. That’s an option.

However, most of the ipod speakers are portable. That’s nice. I can easily move the ipod speakers to anywhere in the house including the garage. So I’m thinking that the boombox is no longer a possibility. It depends on how much I’m willing to spend on iPod speakers.

Enter ipod speakers. I found a great site that gives detailed reviews of ipod speaker units: playlistmag.com. They have reviews for over 40 speakers! Wow!

And all the units are organized in one cleaned, detailed chart. You can click on any of the products and they give a very detailed review. I like reading reviews that give too much info. I’d rather have too much info that not enough. I wouldn’t say that their reviews give too much info, but it’s close. I wish they would post thumbnail photos of the speakers in their chart. That’s the only thing missing from their chart.

I have read only two reviews so far I can’t really comment on one speaker unit versus another. However, they give alot of speakers 4 out of 5 stars so it’s a little difficult to see which speakers they recommend over others. However, there are a couple speakers that have 4 1/2 stars. Maybe I’ll start with those.

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

Did I miss something? You’re getting a free U2 iPod?