incredible detail of Last Supper

Think the new 12 megapixel cameras on the market are something to behold? How about a 16 billion pixel (1,600 megapixels) image of the “The Last Supper”, by Leonardo Da Vinci? It’s online at I’m trying to figure out what the image would be at 300 dpi.

It is truly amazing. I put together the image shown above to get a sense for the detail. You can zoom in and out of the image freely. When viewing the entire painting it is at 1%. Zoom in to just 10% and you’ll see great details such as the hand of Thomas as shown above. (Thomas is the figure immediately to Jesus’ left). The encapsulated red box demonstrates how close you can get to the detail.

Here’s a great link explaining the restoration process of Leonardo’s Last Supper. Included in that article is a diagram showing who’s who in the painting based on an old copy of the Last Supper in Ponte Capriasca.

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Matt Maldre
16 years ago

Looks like one severly cracked painting.