i want good fish tacos in Chicago

Saturday night (9/29/07) the Chicago Cubs clinched the National League Central Division Championship with the San Diego Padres’ victory over the Milwaukee Brewers. The Cubs also won earlier in the day. During the Cubs game, my wife and I were discussing fish tacos. We visited San Diego about a year ago and had awesomely incredible fish tacos at a Padres game. Every once in a while we talk about how awesomely incredible those fish tacos were. So on Saturday Andrea mentioned that the local Mexican fast food chain, Baja Fresh, may have fish tacos. I drove to Baja and brought back some fish tacos. I was very excited about this spontaneous journey. (I don’t get out of the house very often these days). The tacos turned out to be unbelievably bland.

The point of this story is that I unknowingly had my first fish taco since my San Diego trip on the same day that the San Diego Padres beat the Brew Crew to give the Cubs the Division Championship.

Now I really want to have a fish taco similar to the one I had at Petco Park. Anyone have any suggestions? I live in Elmhurst, Illinois. Traveling into the city (Chicago) is a bit of a trip for me nowadays (with the baby around). I’d prefer to find a great fish taco somewhere in the burbs, but if you have a joint in the city, please share. I prefer fried fish tacos. That’s how they were in San Diego. I want to replicate that experience.

Oh, the Petco Park fish tacos are from Rubios. It’s a fast food joint. The closest location is in Denver. It would super incredibly awesome if the Cubs played the Padres for the National League Championship and I was able to go to one of the games in San Diego. Then, I could root my Cubbies on while munching down fish tacos at Petco Park.

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Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

My MySpace says “I want to meet: Erik Maldre”. What better way than to invite you over for fish tacos? I’ll even prepare them fried if’n that’s the way you want them. Last ones I made were grilled marlin, but I can appreciate replicating the original.

Funny enough, the Chicago Tribune had a whole article on bringing fish tacos to Chicago!

JD Brown
JD Brown
16 years ago

Not sure why it posted on the other pic, but you guys come to LA and I will take you to a place beyond famous for its fish tacos. I am not a big fan and these even won me over.