I know what the Sun must feel like

A fly has been circling my head for the last 15 minutes. I am the Sun and the fly is pesky little Earth. I wish I could just shoot a solar flare at the fly and turn it to a crisp. Any time you have a fly circling your head, you must call it “Earthy, the pesky fly”.

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15 years ago

That close to the sun, that tiny, and green.. for some reason I associated those all with that dot being Mercury.
Would you mind if I skip the naming the fly part and just smash it? Except.. I don’t want to smash the Earth. Oh noes! You’ve broken my ability to reason!

Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

I wish all flies would be sucked into a vortex or worm hole or similar. I loathe those filthy things. I couldn’t suffer one buzzing around my head for more than a minute or two before I’d go Rambo on it.

Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

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