how to search all Illinois libraries at once

The other day I realized that four of the five libraries in my vicinity are on different catalog systems. Elmhurst is in the SWAN network. Glen Ellyn and Villa Park are in the LINC network. Wheaton and Lombard look to be completely independent. Weird.

The way to search all public libraries in one search engine is to use WorldCat. I am an Elmhurst Public Library cardholder, so I have access to WorldCat through the EPL website and with my card number. Hopefully if you’re in Illinois, your library allows you access to WorldCat to search all Illinois libraries. It rocks.

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Matt Maldre
14 years ago

And then you could search the Andersen library of UW Whitewater and ask for many MANY books in interlibrary lo-an. The crazier the books, the better.

local librarian
local librarian
14 years ago

And for more information on the library, follow us at: