how I found out Dawson was inducted to the Hall

CONGRATULATIONS TO ANDRE DAWSON! Today, the Hawk was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Four years ago, I blogged how there should an eight cent coin commemorating the greatness of Andre Dawson. The front side of the coin would be the portrait of the Abe Lincoln of baseball and the reverse side would feature a hawk. Nwo more than ever this coin should be minted!

I am very happy for Andre Dawson, one of my favorite Cubs of all time.

The way I came across his induction announcement is pretty cool. I was looking up Cubs robes for a previous post (a back blog post) and I visited the webcam on The first line on the Wrigley marquee read, “CONGRATULATIONS”. Immediately I assumed it was just someone with a lot of money paying to have their wedding announcement on the famed sign. Then I read the magical words appearing on the second and third lines, “ANDRE DAWSON HALL OF FAME CLASS 2010”. Above is a screen capture of a portion of the web cam image.

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