how to cut styrofoam easily

ever try cutting styrofoam? Get all those nasty little foam balls all over the place? Yea. It’s not fun. I made some styrofoam sculptures back in 1997 and 1998. A sharp, xlarge xacto knife sorta works, but there are still a few of those static charged foam balls that fall off while cutting and become a nuisance to clean up.

Here’s a way you can rig your very own styrofoam cutter. It’s very Franensteinesque. It requires a simple soldering gun and 40 amp wire.They give very detailed directions. It looks to make a really clean cut. Though this tool requires some steady care when plugged in. That live wire is live.

This technique is for polystyrene foam only. polyurethane foam will put off toxic fumes. bad stuff. I’m pretty sure that polystyrene foam is the kind with the little compressed balls. They have a video of the tool in action and it looks like that kind. But, I’d double check with your local hardware store first.

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

I have a hot knife, but it is impossible on bigger jobs.

You’re right about the polystyrene being the foam composed of little white balls. The polyurethane is more dense and can be highly toxic.